OBDKey Mobile 1.4

Source:KBM Systems Ltd.

OBDKey Mobile is an engine data reading application for your car. (Hardware rqd)

OBDKey Mobile is an engine data reading application for Android that allows you to monitor your car's engine control unit (ECU) in real time to get live data from the engine sensor.

OBDKey Mobile is available for Android users and OBDKey Bluetooth unit owners only.

Features include fully automatic Bluetooth connection once pairing has been established, demonstration mode, live sensor mode with all the sensors reported by the vehicle shown on the screen, up to eight sensors per screen, ability to move sensor graphs to the first in the list, night mode colours, full pause and resume, pause and resume for each sensor, minimum and maximum readings shown graphically and by value, current sensor reading shown by value, easy navigation between screens using gestures, landscape and portrait modes both supported, HDPI, MDPI and LDPI screen options, works with larger “tablet” devices, automatic language detection, sensor titles (where known) shown in English (default), French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Greek.

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